In the car wash business it is difficult to compare the dollars to other commercial investments. For example, when selling your home, the estimated value can be based on recent purchases in that neighborhood. When dealing with a car wash, the competition isn't the issue. You have pay more attention to the details of your documentation, factor in your overhead, and monitor payroll.

When it comes to investing in a car wash, the business particulars are examined more closely, giving the buyer the comfort of knowing every detail of his investment. With a more complex opinion of value, our purchasing and selling procedures will steer your financial gain based on the three main investment opinions. These opinions are as follows:

  • Mortgage/Financial Opinion - This part of your future investment will give you a detailed opinion of the wash from a well qualified and experienced mortgage and financial representative.
  • Professional Broker Opinion - Our brokers go to great lengths to cater to every important party included in this vital part of your future car wash investment. These brokers evaluate your documentation to the fullest extent. They review your finances down to the last dollar, and suggest a suitable down payment. With great precision and intense evaluation your personal broker will find the car wash that suites you best.
  • Seller Opinion - Our sellers strive to reflect the high standards and professionalism that our company prides ourselves in. These proceedings require a great deal of confidentiality and trust within the process, and constant communication among all parties.

    When selling anything the process can be very overwhelming. This is where the broker's experience and integrity are utilized in making the final steps of the transaction simple and satisfactory, to all persons involved.

With strong communication between our brokers and clients, our experienced and professional procedures have proved to bring the fullest satisfaction to both our buyers and sellers.

Do not pass up an opportunity of a lifetime. The car wash industry is growing at an alarming rate. Put your trust in our company. With over 40 years of experience, we will make sure your car wash investment is handled with the utmost professionalism and integrity.